Tech Check


Our Story

With our over 10 years of retail experience, customer service is very important to us so you can be assured that we will do our best to make every transaction a happy one.

About Us

TechCheck have worked tirelessly over the years to build up a brand that competes with the products found in High Street chains. This has worked to our advantage as, the customer knows they are getting a quality product coupled with excellent customer service.TechCheck offer not only products for the latest handheld device but also for those customers that are comfortable with the handset they have had for many years.

TechCheck pride ourselves on the bespoke training given to all our staff.  This enables the Team to be best placed to offer product advice, helping our customers to choose that equipment best suited to their needs. As well as sharing our knowledge on the often-confusing range of products available, we offer competitive prices, and a friendly service. We also provide a range of on-site services such as, data transfer and phone setup.Our technical team will endeavor to fix any customer issue, from a smashed screen to a handset that has been dropped in water.  We have the know-how to rectify.

It is our vision to seamlessly fit into a venue whilst providing the highest quality product available, excellent merchandising along with enhancing the customer experience through exceptional customer service.


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