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Note: Please Enter Valid Information and Attach real images for damaged devices.

Repair Services

We do our best for you



We have confidence in a clear repairing process. In case you don’t know what’s up with your gadget, we’ll analyze it for nothing.

Smartphone Repair

We repair all major mobile handsets and tablets including Apple iPhone and iPads, Samsung Galaxy handsets and Tablets and many more.

Computer And Mac Repair

Computers & Macs can become sluggish to use after a long period of use, we can safely speed up your computer to restore it to its factory speed. From system defragging to component cleaning give your computer a new lease of life.


Service is an invisible sign of caring. We are here to serve you on weekdays from 9:00 to 6:30 and 10:00 to 5:00 on Saturday.


Because your device is being repaired, you may be in reality sure that the private statistics in your phone stays secure. So we care about your privacy.

Mobile & Tablet Screen Repairs

Smashing a tablet or mobile screen is easily done if the device has no protection on. Tech Check is here to help You. We can source and install the original parts. We are concern with technology and new perspective of care.


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You Sell, We Buy

Sell us

We Buy Your used Device in very attractive prices . We Buy working and damaged Devices that can be repaired & sale to people who can't afford new tach device's price.


Sell your Laptop to us of any make, any brand or any model. We Buy Dell, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, Acer and MacBook.


Tablets are awesome devices for most workaholics if they are latest and working properly. Sell you tablet to us and buy new one.


Sell your Smartphone. We Also offer discount on selling cell phones with buying your old smartphone of any make, any brand or any model.

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Be Bold, Be Daring

Re-usable or Disposable

E-cigarettes are long-shaped tubes. Many look like the cigarettes, cigars or pipes. Some look like ballpoint pens (biros). The majority are reusable with replaceable and refillable cartridges. A small percentage of products e-cigarettes are disposable.

Remember Before Leaving Your Phone

Unlock The Device

Without the unlock code for your device we are unable to fix and test your device.

Fully Charge Your Device

Charge your device before dropping it in – this will speed up the repair process on your device.

About Us

TechCheck have worked tirelessly over the years to build up a brand that competes with the products found in High Street chains. This has worked to our advantage as, the customer knows they are getting a quality product coupled with excellent customer service.TechCheck offer not only products for the latest handheld device but also for those customers that are comfortable with the handset they have had for many years.

TechCheck pride ourselves on the bespoke training given to all our staff.  This enables the Team to be best placed to offer product advice, helping our customers to choose that equipment best suited to their needs. As well as sharing our knowledge on the often-confusing range of products available, we offer competitive prices, and a friendly service. We also provide a range of on-site services such as, data transfer and phone setup.Our technical team will endeavor to fix any customer issue, from a smashed screen to a handset that has been dropped in water.  We have the know-how to rectify.

It is our vision to seamlessly fit into a venue whilst providing the highest quality product available, excellent merchandising along with enhancing the customer experience through exceptional customer service.

we work with every brand